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Dear Sensei and competitor thank you for all you do for our Karate community and future of our great Nation . Please join us as we are bringing together some fine instructors and dedicated karate for some a great cause.

Why Annual ITKA Tournament?

  • Honoring the Memory of Zahra and Sima Bambouuani
  • Beautiful trophies for top competitors
  • Children who did not place will get a medal
  • Positive and respectful atmosphere
  • Family and community event
  • Easy access www.itkakarate.con 773-283-7200

Free competition admission: In Honor of my wife and daughter, we are waiving Tournament fees for 2 deserving students recommended by local Sensei.
I would to personally invite you to assist or judge and your students to compete. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Sensei Bambouyani