“Kancho M. Bambouyani, of ITKA Karate Association, I am so grateful to you for everything you have given me in life and so happy that we have a life long friendship.”  -JK. University of Cambridge.


For more than five decades, the International Traditional Karate Association (ITKA) has been training students in the art of Shotokan Karate. ITKA Karate Association is an organization dedicated full-time to teaching the highest level of traditional Karate outside of Japan. The ITKA headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. It holds daily training at the main headquarters and other various locations throughout the city.  Training is available for beginners through advanced Black Belts. ITKA also holds quarterly seminars and examinations as well as judges and instructor clinics. Membership is open to individuals, groups, karate schools, and karate organizations. Traditional Karate encompasses the four major styles, including but not limited to Shotokan, Wado-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, and Shito-Ryu. Many practitioners of all ranks have visited and trained at our headquarters, including students from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. We have also developed an outstanding children’s program and a top-rate adults programs. ITKA Karate Association is here to serve.   

Benefits of Karate Training

ITKA Karate Association is designed to promote leadership, confidence, and conflict resolutions. ITKA’s philosophy and training helps improve students’ abilities for reasonable self-defense and self-confidence.  Training also helps to build a stronger emotional core resulting in self-confidence which helps protect them from the impact of bullying. We guide our students to success by challenging them to strive for and test for higher belts. Young people can relate to belt achievements as success from early stages of life. ITKA karate Association encourage them to keep their eyes on their goal, be confident, overcome obstacles and open their mind to alternative solutions and new experiences.

ITKA Mission Statement

International Traditional Karate Association (ITKA) provides top level instruction in traditional Japanese and Okinawa martial arts for all levels of
ranking through training, seminars, and competition.

ITKA seeks to provide positive energy and support to our students by
maintaining a culture of respect, humility, honor and resilience.


About the founder 

ITKA Karate Association’s success is not an accident; it is result of five decades of hard work, public service, training, teaching and International travel under the leadership of one of the World’s most well-known leaders in Karate: Kancho M. Bambouyani is the founder of ITKA Karate.  Master Bambouyani feels the organization’s world-wide success is due to the fact he has been fortunate enough to train with the premier and highest ranking Okinawan Japanese Masters.  Master Bambouyani continues annual travels on behalf of ITKA Karate Association to Japan and Okinawa in pursuit of excellence in his Karate training, experiencing music, culture, food and iteraction with people. During the Karate expansion in the US, Master Bambouyani was one of few non-Japanese Masters with the title of Chairman and Chief Instructor serving the US Central region in the 1980s until mid-1990s preceding the formation of ITKA Karate Association. Since then, he continues to share his experience and knowledge through ITKA Karate Association and he has frequently invited to guest-teach at karate Dojos throughout the US, South and Central Americas, Europe, Middle East, Japan and Okinawa. 

The international traditional karate association logo

The international traditional karate association logo

The international traditional karate association logo