Please contact ITKA Headquarters ( for more information about the belt exam and qualifications.

ITKA Rankings

9th Kyu White

8th Kyu, Yellow

7th Kyu, Orange

6th Kyu Green

5th Kyu Blue

4th Kyu Purple

3-1 Kyu Brown

Dan 1st Dan plus Black Belt

**Exams are not mandatory, but once taken you must fulfill the
responsibility of holding that level, belts may be taken away if rules are not

Section of the Exam:                      Kihon, Kata & Kumite


dachi = stances

kami = posture, alignment, balance & energy

waza = technique (tsuki = punch, uke = block, uchi = strike)


  1. Heian Shodan
  2. Heian Nidan
  3. Heian Sandan
  4. Heian Yondan
  5. Heian Godan
  6. Tekki Shodan
  7. Tekki Nidan
  8. Tekki Sandan
  9. Bassai Dai
  10. Bassai Sho
  11. Kanku Dai
  12. Kanku Sho
  13. Enpi
  14. Jion
  15. Gankaku
  16. Hangetsu
  17. Jitte
  18. Chinte
  19. Sochin
  20. Meikyo
  21. Jiin
  22. Gojushiho Dai
  23. Gojushiho Sho
  24. Nijushiho
  25. Wankan
  26. Unsu


Gohan kumite (5 step sparring)

Sanbon kumite (3 step sparring)

Ippon Kumite (1 step sparring).

Jiyu Kumite

Hanyeah Kumite

Kiso Kumite

Exam Requirements

  • Pre-exam and seminar are required for each exam
  • Training hour logs must be completed and approved prior to the exam
  • Service hours must be logged and approved prior to the exam

Striped Belts vs Solid Colored Belts

Students who have not completed enough training or service hours to take an exam may request to take an exam towards earning a striped belt. The student may test during the next exam for the solid colored belt.