The International Traditional Karate Association (ITKA) offers professional instruction in traditional Japanese and Okinawan martial arts through its many clubs in the United States and allied clubs abroad including technical instruction, seminars for all levels of ranking, seminars for competition and judging instruction, as well as a comprehensive instructor training program resulting in instructor certification.  The ITKA is a non-political organization with the goal of maintaining high standards of ethical martial arts training and development.

Some of the benefits and privileges in membership include:

  • Recognition of your rank and qualifications*
  • Opportunities to participate in official local, national, and international events
  • Creates contact with national and international practitioners
  • Standardized guidance for your karate development by some of the world’s foremost experts
  • Special bulletins, brochures, and other important literature to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the martial arts world
  • Specialized seminars and clinics
  • Instructor and judges training programs
  • Black Belt Registry/Club Directory

*Rank certification is subject to review of the ITKA directorate.