Join us for the ITKA World Friendship Karate Tournament in May 2 and 27, 2018 in Memory of Zahra and Sima Bambouyani.

Happy birthday Zahra. My wife Zahra was taken away from us by a deadly earthquake. Today as I am celebrating her memory, it bring tear to my eyes, joy to my life and I feel that for 2 decades she improved our lives in many profound ways. We had 3 wonderful children Sophia, Mike and Sima, Zahra helped me and together we created a great family a very successful Karate Dojo a good organization and joyful life. Zahra was very disciplined, attentive to the family, and was loved by everyone who know her. She was one of the best cook I have ever met, I have to admit that she was very intimidating, when I went to the kitchen to offer my help she would not allowed me to cook; but sometimes she assigned me to wash the dishes. She woke up early am for training and got the kids ready and we dropped them off to their schools then she would come to the Dojo to manage the office and sometime she taught the late morning then we had lunch talked about the children, Dojo and future. After lunch she took a little time out to herself. Then we went back to work at the Dojos, by mid afternoon children were picked up from school for homework and early dinner. A few early morning, every evening and weekend she attended the Dojo with the family for training and teaching. Her dedication, discipline and management skills freed up my time to travel teach and over see many locations. Thank you Zahra for 2 decades of beautiful life, thank you for giving me 2 greatest gifts our children Sophia and Michael.
rest in peace.
Please join us to honor memory of Zahra and Sima Bambouyani on May 26th and 27th, 2018 International Traditional Karate Association World Friendship Karate Tournament. in Chicago.

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Zahra Bambouyani

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This page is dedicated to remembering our fallen karatekas, Zahra & Sima Bambouyani.
Zahra and Sima Bambouyani, the wife and youngest daughter of Sensei Bambouyani,
were killed in the Bam earthquak.

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In Memory of Zahra and Sima Bambouyani














Losing  mother and sister for Sophia and Mike and wife and  child for me has been one of the most
devastating experiences. We lost Sima and Zahra (my wife) on December 2003 in a tragic earthquake
in Bam while they were visiting. They were scheduled to return at 8:30 AM. but the Earthquake struck
at 5:28 AM. Killed them along with many family and friends!

Please keep us in your prayers.
Shihan Bambouyani, Mike and Sophia