Success is best possible when you set well thought out goal, believe in yourself, be determined, remain consistent, stay motivated and focused from start to the end. ITKA Karate will provide you with this opportunity.
During the height of darkness one must have the believe and strongest imagination and see a clear and bright future. 
We will never be perfect but we can always improve by making mistakes, studying, researching, learning rehearsing and practicing.
Build a habit of incorporating joy as a part of your daily mission.


To live completely a happy life sometime seems almost impossible. Hopefully this article will help you to attain a higher level of joy. So do your very best to implement a few of the following  at a time and add on, as you feel ready and be consistent, as much as it is reasonably possible. Good health stems from best choice of selected alternative foods possible for you, such as fish, fruits, vegies, , seeds, beans, barriers, spices, water, get average 8 hours of sleep and daily exercises. Avoid the following, smoking, excessive drinking, irregular sleeping, gambling, abuse of any kind. Seek Peace it comes from what we host in our mind, stability and management of the time, energy, finance and stress. Host your mind with pure, powerful, and positive thoughts, delete mental fat. Organize your emotions; put passion into what is beneficial to you, your loved ones and society. Avoid pettiness, negativity, complaining, and laziness. Be mindful, plan well, constantly educate and update yourself in your field and learn from every experience. Be proactive, consistent, and reasonable and always expect the unexpected, be prepared to resolve issues and conflicts with courage, bravery, sensitivity, peace and fairness. For all of the above you need to be aware, and discipline so you can develop a mindset to plan, organize, manage and execute any or all of the above so they can become life changing habits.  Spend time with your loved ones, and take vacation and travel wen possible.  Kancho M. Bambouyani.



Free your mind from hostility, anger and revenge. Allow your heart to forgive your enemy for peace in yourself. Substitute hate with love. Love comes with warmth, care, and comfort. These positive thoughts can convert an enemy to a friend.

“Be aware of the time that you find yourself in an unexpected and or defensive situation.  You may feel surprised, confused, or unfairly judged.  Move yourself to a higher level and away from thoughtlessness, and offensive or defensive behavior.  Otherwise, you may say or do something inappropriate and regret later.”

Your Smile, positive attitude, composure, calmness, and often silence are signs of strength,wisdom, and confidence and will bring you respect, trust, happiness, and many good friends. Kancho  Mahmoud Bambouyani. from  Okinawa 

When you meet someone and make a good impression with them by paying attention, showing gentleness, care and kindness, you put a good footprint on the pathway to their heart. If you continue nurturing your friendship with care, honesty, kindness, and sincere communication, you may permanently nurture the garden of friendship with deep love like a rooted tree.  Kancho M. Bambouyani ITKA KARATE

Shotokan healthy walking:
 To walk with energy and confidence, you must first align your spine and neck for a good posture.
Keep your chin parallel to the ground and your feet to allow your eyes to focus a far distance ahead and wide in all directions.
Lift your center up and hold with each series of breathing, push your shoulder directly over your hips and your hips over your heals. Distribute your weight over one foot, keeping that foot completely flat on the ground from toe to heal while the other foot is advancing. If you have time inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly trough your mouth. This kind of body positioning is healthy, attractive, and helps you display confidence.
Breathing helps with endurance, and relaxes you. Paying attention to the beauty of the outside world can help you think more clearly.
While walking also focus on being positive,  patient, attentive, alert, and pleasant to yourself and those people you meet along the way.
Kancho M. Bambouyani