Tournament scholarships. ITKA World Friendship Tournament
Dojos participating in the Zahra and Sima Bambouysni Memorial Tournament with at least 3 paid participants may enter 3 additional participants at a 50% discount for the same events.
Limited number of full scholarship are also availabale for qualied students. Please contact ITKA office for detailes and qualification. This is for a limited time only.

Tournament Location:
St. Benedict Preparatory School | 3941 N Bell St. Chicago, IL 60618

Awards will be given in each division for First, Second and Third Place winners.

Sparring Gear
White cloth and WKF fist pads, mouthpiece, and cup (males) are mandatory for all divisions.

Chest and rib protectors for females and children are optional. Only safety/athletic glasses are allowed during Kumite. If you are wearing contacts lenses, make sure they are soft lenses.

Judges’ attire WKF  or white shirt, gray slacks

The tournament will only be on Sunday. We are expecting a larger crowd. Therefore, please register in advanced and be at the tournament site according to the schedule.

All events are subject to change.
Judges’ Training will also be offered at the ITKA Headquarters during the months of January-March.
Please call for detailed information.

UNIFORMS: All competitors must wear a clean gi (uniform).
Events are subject to change

The Kihon event will be held for 10th – 7th kyu.
Male and female divisions may be combined

Kata competition may be judged by the point and /or flag system.
Male and female divisions may be combined.
10th – 4th kyu-One (1) Kata
3rd kyu and up – Up to two (2)

Any Japanese or Okinawan katas may be performed.

In case of draw a flag system rematch may be performed


Each team will consist of three members which may include men, women, or both, with a fourth alternate in the event one competitor is unable to compete.
Each team will perform one kata, and in the event of a tie the team may be required to perform a second, different kata. 3rd kyu and up (Brown and Black) must perform a black belt kata. Team Kata is for 6th kyu and up only.

Competition will be judged on a point or flag system under these four age groups:
1. 7 and under
2. Ages 8-11
3. Ages 12-17
4. Ages 18-35
5. Ages 36 plus

Children, teens and adults will be competing in Jyu Kumite (free sparring).
Female and male ages 10 and up will be in separate divisions.
Contact to face and excessive body contact are prohibited.

5. Match Duration:
Children: 1.5 minutes, 2 ippon
Teens & Adults: 2 minutes, 3 ippon

6. Black Belts
Elimination and semi-final: 2 minutes, 4 ippon
Finals: 2 minutes, 6 ippon
(Ippon is full point and Wazaari is half point)
Points and schedule are subject to change

This competition will be available to black and brown belts 18-34 ONLY.

Team kumite will be judged by ITKA or ippon shobu rules. Teams will consist of three members and may (optional) use a fourth as an alternate.
Excessive contact is not permitted and is likely to result in disqualification.

Competition may be judged by point and / or flag system. Kata rules may be applied.
Sharp weapons may not be used